Three things about me: ( I'm going to make it short and sweet =P )
1. I love reading manga. If i didn't do homework, that means I'm probably reading manga at home, enclosed into my own world.
2. I am lame. Very very lame. No, i can walk just fine. It's the other meaning of lame.
3. I like playing computer games, namely Audition, Maple and Neopets ( yeah i know i'm a bit old for that, but who cares?)

These are seriously random things about me.


Two things about Language Arts:
1. I love typing words! Especially for essays. My handwriting is plain atrocious, it's unevennnnn. Plus, i love the feel of my keyboards!

2. I have writer's block ( but hey ! who doesnt? ) Sometimes, i just don't know what to write so i'll leave my essay on the table until i have my inspiration back. This, i dislike a lot.

Lang Arts goal:
Let's make it something achievable.... How about a B4? B3 sounds much nicer though.


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