What do you think about the Singapore education system?
1. Get into groups of 3.
2. In groups, map out the educational landscape in Singapore.
3. Discuss the strengths and weakness of the Singapore education system.
4. Post your thoughts in the discussion forum titled "Is the Singapore education system a success?"
5. Respond to one of your classmate's posts.

1. In groups, research on the educational landscape in Singapore.
  • What does education look like in Singapore?
  • How many different types of schools are there?
  • What are the different routes a student may take?
2. Compare what you found out online with your map in the first brainstorm activity.
  • How are the maps different?
  • What did your group miss out?

Create a "Notes on Education" page
1. On your personal page, create a link to a new page titled "Notes on Education".
  • Type the title of your new page in this order: your class, followed by your index number and then the title of the page. So, if you are from 4C and your index number is 1, you will type "4C01 Notes on Education".
  • Highlight the title of your new page.
  • Click on the "insert link" icon in the editor toolbar.
  • Select "wiki link". Do not change the name of the page.
  • Click "Okay".

1. On your "Notes on Education" page, write a reflection on what you've learnt about education this week.